Burning Wheel A3 Size Character Sheet, Alpha Version

After much work, I have completed my A3 size character sheet. I had to create a character sheet for my own needs, as my group tends to play the game in a certain way, so i had to move a lot of things around and add a lot of small things here and there to accommodate our needs.

Few notes:

  • So some fields might be too small, I’ll fix those in next iteration but let me know if you find anything stupidly small or useless in there.
  • It is an A3 sized sheet, but if you want to print it on A4 or something similar, you may just cut the pages from the middle, i have created this so there won’t be anything cut in the middle if you print half a page.
  • Wounds actually have a “bleed” and “treatment” icon next to them, to track each wound separately if needed. While i was making this, i actually got confused about the rules. Were each wound on a coordinate separately treated or not?
  • I have organized the pages in this order: First two pages are “Essentials”, these require only one copy, unless you are carrying 15 weapons and wearing 3 sets of armor or something. Next two pages are Skills, designed this way so that more of these pages can be printed, but I don’t know who needs more than 64 skills. Last two pages are the spell and notes pages, completely optional.
  • I added a “Spells Being Learned” part, as my next campaign will probably need it.
  • There isn’t any nice-looking features in the sheet, its more utilitarian. I plan adding some nice looking things, but have no idea what.

So here it is.

I’m open to feedback but I don’t know how much more work I’ll put on this, except to fix field sizes if they are too small.


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Yes, each wound is handled separately.


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I don’t get the reference, sorry. :expressionless:

Oh cool. I need to make those boxes a bit more usable though. Recovery box is too small, i think.

It was a character played by @Thor in years past. He had an Aptitude of 1, so would open skills rather frequently.


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