Burning Wheel Anthology - when is it out for general consumption?

Just like the title says - I missed the kickstarter because I didn’t have the cash. Now I do. How do I exchange my cash for the Anthology I have much anticipated (as others who recognize me from elsewhere, I am a MEGAFAN for Mass Combat and Organization rules, and this has both).

When? I have paypal money to burn!


This is a good question, I have some space left on my burning wheel shelf and another book would go great there!

Exactly. As said, I’ve been waiting for pretty much exactly these rules for BW. After kitbashing my own for a decade, it’d be great to finally have some.

I suspect the Anthology will hit the store once the BWHQ folks have finished fulfilling their pre-order commitments.

They’ve hit a bunch of snags and delays, and at least some of the pre-orders (E.G. Mine) have been delayed and are yet to be delivered

I’m sure the BWHQ folks are super excited for us to get our hands on these babies and will make them available as soon as possible.

Is that officially said anywhere? I mean, I’m not a backer, so any secret backer messages would be unseen by me. Is there a general announcement somewhere?

It’s not a secret backer message or anything; it’s just in the BWHQ category of these forums:

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There’s also the Cartographer’s Compendium for Bridge of the Damned backers who wanted the older modules and backed at that level. Quite a lot to dig out of.

Gotcha. Now it’s at least a touch more clear. Just really excited for this and want the chance to buy it!


I am too! I’m super stoked!

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