Burning wheel books looking for a good home

Hopefully this ends up on the right category…

I’m trying to downsize my book collection and was wondering if anyone would be interested in a bundle of BW books.

I have both Revised edition books (number 281), Jihad, Monster Burner #449, and unnumbered Magic Burner and Adventure Burner that are in need of a new home. They’ve all been used to varying degrees.


Yes, please! My home is good!

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Also, welcome back!

No! My home is better! I would absolutely love to get my hands on the Adventure Burner, and the Monster Burner and Magic Burner would be awesome to have as well

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I figured lol, just thought it’d be funny

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It is funny!

I feel so proud for invoking the holy rite of “dibs” first! :joy:

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FWIW, pretty much all of the Adventure Burner ended up in the Codex, as well as the discrete systems in the Magic Burner.

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Oh, I knew that the magic burner got tweaked and put in, but I hadn’t realized the commentary was from the adventure burner

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Yes, the AdBu was mostly commentary, and was updated for the Codex.

The non-commentary bits were three scenarios, two of which (“The Sword” and “Trouble in Hochen”) you may download here: Burning Wheel - Burning Wheel

There were also a handful of house rules, mostly around helping (e.g. “too many cooks” which limits the number of helpers on most tests).

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Ok, well I’d like to pass on the books in the manner which requires me to do the least amount of work. I’m in Brooklyn NY, so anyone who can physically come pick them up gets dibs. I can also ship them domestically if you’re willing to venmo me the shipping cost. They’re all books so I can probably do media mail.


I am game for venmoing shipping cost.

Yes, I have wanted a copy of Jihad for a LONG time, I will gladly venmo you the cost of shipping!

Dang. I didn’t even know about Jihad, either. Now I’ve got to go track down a copy.

Ah well. At least these found a good home, I’m sure.

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