Burning wheel char sheets

I tried to buy/download the bwg character sheets from the main bw website, but they wont open, is there anywhere else I can get them?
Especially good if form fillable because quite a few of my players have motor problems

Hi @Shikyu!

I’ve just tried downloading, and they’ve opened fine for me.

Given they’re free to download, if you want to message me an email address, I can send them through to you?

As for form-fillable, I’m not sure.

However, I have previously used the wonderful fan-made Charred (link here), which allows for some of that, at least at the character creation point.

I’m not sure that Charred is updated, but it remains a highly useful resource.


There’s also Charred Black, which I believe includes some Codex stuff.


Thanks that was a huge help :slight_smile:

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