Burning Wheel Dice Rolling Web app

Hello there,

It’s not much, but as I couldn’t find a web app to roll dice for my upcoming Burning Wheel game, I made one with Python and the django web framework : https://burning-wheel-rolls.herokuapp.com/roll/roll_dice/

The base dice rolling and exploding of dice with open ended skills or Luck is functional.

Difficulty assessing will come soon.
The design is the bare minimum for now.

Note that it’s a free heroku hosting, so the app might be asleep when you click on the link. In this case, it might take 20s for the app to load, it’s expected. Then it will run until it takes a nap again.

Pro web devs: come and roast me, I’m a real noob at this.
The others: if you have suggestions or comments, tell me…


This is cool. You might want to hit up the fellow that did Arenji, the Burning Wheel Discord Dice Bot. They might be of some help to ya.

Hello there.

Small update: the difficulty assessment is now functional, both automatically after a roll (this means you need to fill the form with info about the “natural dice” from exponent, help and FoRK and the dice from Artha spending separately now) and from a separate page and simpler form to use after the fact or if you roll real dice and just need to assess the difficulty real quick.


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