Burning Wheel Expanded Character Folio

I worked this up last year during our Burning Wheel Orphans campaign. It’s designed for long term play. Each aspect of the character has its own sheet, so it should be infinitely expansible—a complete record of your character’s life. Burning Wheel Character Folio (480.7 KB)


I need to start a new campaign just so I can use this bad boy.


I’ve been using it for a couple months now, and I can confirm that it’s great.


I love this!

I do most of my gaming online rather than in person, so printed sheets are less useful to me overall. But the layout is very intuitive, and can see using the basic layout to create a template for OneNote or EverNote.

This is so awesome! I’m pushing them to my group right now. I guess We’ll start using them tomorrow. We’re currently running a 100+ session campaign and a 49 session spin-off, so characters clearly need a lot of room. It’s a pity We didn’t log every belief and instinct, as this folio suggests.


Just turned it into an A5 booklet! Loses the benefits of printing extra pages, but my friends didn’t want to lose as much real estate on the table… :open_mouth:
Tomorrow will tell :stuck_out_tongue:

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