Burning Wheel Forum Rules [MANDATORY]

Burning Wheel Forum Purpose

  1. The primary purpose of these forums is to discuss our games, and other games we’re playing that relate to how we think about RPGs.
  2. The secondary purpose of these forums is to provide a home for our community to help maintain our bonds when we’re not at the table together.

In service of that twin purpose, please abide by the following rules:
a) Put rules and games text first. Cite page numbers. Discuss the actual text before adding your opinion or interpretation.

b) Be civil. Discuss ideas, not personalities.

c) Be charitable. Read our posts and the posts of everyone here in the best, most well-intended light. We’re all doing our best to play weird games. No need to get shirty.

d) Be kind; be respectful; be compassionate. We are all of the same tribe; we are here to share our love of weird, obscure RPGs. Recognize the good and mutual admiration in each other.

e) Be precise: Cite examples from actual play at your table. Do not speculate on the application of a rule without having experienced it in play.

Mediation: In the event that you believe someone has broken these rules or has treated you in an unkind manner in a public or private post, contact us [Luke, Thor, Dro] immediately through DM or at forums@burningwheel.com. We will address the matter as quickly and discreetly we are able.

Violation: If a user is found to have violated our rules, we will message said user and inform them of the infraction. Small infractions like bloviating, posting in harsh tone or shitty language will merit a discussion with the admins. A moderate infraction showing deliberate or repeat bad behavior (e.g. repeated postings, sea-lioning, mouth-breathing) will result in a message and temporary time out suspension. Anything truly offensive or vile (threats, harassment, racism, espousing fascist ideology, etc.) is grounds for buh-bye permaban.

Applicability: These rules apply to all posts on the forum, public and private, whether or not you have read these rules.

Appendix: Naming Conventions: When choosing an account name, please try to use a real person name that you identify with. We will not enforce folks using their full names, but in the aim of civil discussion, it’s easier for all of us to talk to “JaneP” than “OrkDethMFer91". BWHQ-appropriate pseudonyms like “Burning Jane” or “John Etharch” are welcome, if they incorporate a bit of your real name. You may also add your full real name in the optional field provided with your user account (but again, it is not required).

Summary: Be kind; be smart; love games; think of the person you’re talking to before you post; never be a jerk.

Extra Rotam Nulla Salus
—Luke & BWHQ

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