Burning Wheel on Roll20

What steps do I need to follow to find character sheets on Roll20. I’ve watched Adam’s video on setting up the game but can’t seem to find the character sheets. A step by step guide would be great. I’m an old gamer who’s ‘google foo’ is weak it seems by what I’ve found on the interwebs…

To create new game. Just below box for name is optional: choose character sheets. Choose Burning Wheel from drop down menu. Looks like:

If you have already made the game on r20. Go to main page of campaign, settings, game settings (below image 1). Then scroll to bottom of page and choose “character sheet template” and Burning Wheel from dropdown menu (image 2).


A couple of lessons learned from about 6 months working with the roll 20 sheets. They’re VERY helpful, but there are a few things that you should look out for

You need “edit” permissions to view someone’s sheet. My groups have generally just had everyone have edit permissions so we can see each others BITs, but if this becomes an issue, I’d suggest just using a shared note to have BITs instead, while keeping everyone’s private.

If you do decide to share view, an important thing to remember is that, which tab you are on is SHARED. That is, if person A is looking at the tab that contains the skills, and person B wants to look at beliefs, and clicks on the beliefs tab, the tabs will switch for BOTH A and B. So you just have to check to make sure it is okay before you switch tabs

The dice click boxes are small. Generally you need to click on the top left corner to get the roll macro to trigger.

There is no way to reduce the amount of dice rolled (besides wound penalties, which it handles pretty gracefully), in case of things like taxxed forte, will for sustaining spells or armor penalties, you just gotta reduce the dice on the sheet itself.

Overall I’d rather use it than not and I think Fridayknight’s post above should have you covered, but I figure I would share the lessons I learned the hard way about those sheets with you.

Thanks all!

What do you all think of using Roll20 to run a play by post campaign?

Novaniv/Kyle has good points there.

To add:

There are rarely some things that the sheet doesn’t calculate/update when you would hope it might. Reflexes don’t change with wounds as they should

Character burner page - make sure to check that the box for number of points for age is on the right race (starts with dwarf as default)

Roll20 quick rolling - Xd6>4 for a black shade test (where X is your skill/stat exponent). Xd6>4! for exploding on 6.

Exploding attributes - theres a tiny check box next to the name of the attribute that lets you designate it as automatically exploding (e.g. faith)

Play by post is not my favourite way of playing, but it would work fine-ish on r20. Im guessing you would use the r20 app rather than campaign forum? The one thing with this is the chat is not meant for bulk text, its a bit cramped to read. It would certainly help if your players got used to writing out something before their rolls, like “Rolling 5 sword with brawl fork 1 vs Enemy ob 1”

I do want to note that the Burning Wheel sheets in roll20 do seem to be a bit outdated in two categories. First it has speed multiplier instead of stride and secondly it seems to not list all the clumsy weights.