Burning Wheel Tests Flowchart

Hey everyone! I used Ben Milton’s excellent procedure guide (www.questingblog.com) to make this flowchart for handling tests in Burning Wheel. I think it turned out pretty well! Hope it helps you teach this game to lots of folks.

Next on the list is to make a companion sheet for advancement


Can help not come from NPCs? Now I need to go back and check that!

(edit: or perhaps you include “NPC” in “PC”?)

Help can come from NPCs!

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You lot are hard to please ;). Here’s a revised flowchart.

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Well, while we’re at it… :smiling_imp:

FoRKs are only for skill; that could be a little clearer.

You only roll the DoF for tools that are expendable.

And I don’t know where the Trait Advantage bit in the sitational advantage dice clause is coming from. :thinking:


You mention an Aristea in Subtract Wound Dice to ignore all wound penalties, but a player can also use an Aristea to temporarily shade shift an ability or skill for a gauntlet, fight, argument or goal. Maybe that should go in Add Bonus Dice? Putting it under Roll and Compare seems a bit late, since it should be declared before the Roll.

In a somewhat related note, does anyone know what the rules are for helping someone using beginners luck? Because stats may not be used to help with skills, and a beginner’s luck test is essentially a stat test, does that mean that a character must have the skill open to use it when helping another character?

It’s really useful! I’m definitely going to reference it in the future, we have definitely been doing some of these things subtly wrong in my game.


Yes; stats can help stats, skills can help skills and stats. So, if you’re testing Power as Beginner’s Luck for Ditch Digging, I can grab a shovel and help you with my own Power. Or with Ditch Digging, or with any other stat or skill with the right (GM-approved) fictive application.


That part makes sense, but what about the opposite? My friend is using Ditch-Digging to dig a moat, and I’d like to help, but I don’t have an appropriate skill. I can’t help directly with a stat, but I’d like to try to pitch in and learn the fine art of ditch digging (helping using beginners luck). Because a beginners luck test is essentially a stat test, does this mean that I can’t help until I actually have the skill open? That kind of seems to go against the grain of the whole medieval learning by doing as an apprentice, but seems like the most cut-and-dry interpretation of the rules.

You’re fucked.

Not a thing.

You can pitch in and log the time as practice toward opening the skill, but you can’t pass a die over or log a test directly. You might see about making a Linked test – maybe you can loosen up the dirt ahead of your buddy’s digging to give them an easier time. Or you can test and they can Help you. (With their Power or Skill.)

Generally apprentices get given simpler (lower ob) tasks to complete (no doubt as Linked Tests for the mentor!), and can get Help (sometimes) from their mentor or other apprentices. They also get the opporunity to log a lot of practice time. Once they open the skill, they can Help their mentor directly. Maybe their mentor even Instructs them a time or two!


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