Burning Wheel YouTube Podcast

Hey guys!
I’m new here!
And moderately new to The B-Dubs, but!..

I dove in and created a podcast with my two brothers and two friends.

It’s called The Game In Flames!
(Or TGIF, if you will :nerd_face:)
We try to post every Friday to YouTube!

If you’re feeling up to it, we would love it if you would tune in!

Here’s the link.:point_down:Click at your own risk.:smiling_imp::fire:

Adventurously yours,

-Game Master (or Flame Master) Batstone

Looks awesome! Can’t wait to give it a listen. What can we expect from your campaign? Any content/trigger warnings? What’s the basic gist of the setting and/or characters?

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No trigger warnings of which I can think.

I never use the letter D, the letter N, or the letter D. Haha.

It’s set in a world I created. I’ll attach a picture of the map.

It begins in the country of Eldúr, in the province of Bobbingar, in the city of Burgamoat.

A large cargo and passenger vessel is leaving for the distant land of Kolesko…

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