Burning Wiki Downloads

Hello there.

After a long absence, I’ve realized that I suffer from a certain gaming itch only BW seems to be able to satisfy, so I am trying to get back into it and read up a lot, in order to get some players into the idea.

While browsing around, I noticed that some of the downloads on the wiki don’t seem to work. These seem to be some of the worksheets for monster and magic burner, but also some scenarios, such as The Gift.

Were these deliberately taken offline or did something get lost in the move?

Thanks in advance,


PS: It does feel good to be back


Kolja! Hello! Great to have you back.

We took down the sheets you’re asking for as they are for old editions. And the Gift was retired.

Thanks Luke,

too bad, but I figured it would be something like that.

And if it ever comes up, I’ll let you know how hacking the monster burner into BWG worked out.
Love that little green book :slight_smile: