It looks like little more than a huge stand of oaken woods, surrounded by lesser trees, but you know its secret… beneath the gnarled oakroots (Or amidst the banyan roots) lie careful borrows. Stone-lined hollows holding back the roots make tidy homes. People live quiet there. Too quiet for you. Jumping at their own shadows. Mossy shutters cover near ground windows and doors whenever strangers approach. The old secrets, however, are kept here, and wisdom aplenty is available… if you can find the burrow. And you, having grown up there, know how.

Skills: Hunter, Pathfinder, Loremaster
Traits: Woodsman, Wisdom

Cool. Nice fantastic town!

You’l note it has a halfling theme, but coule be used for any race… It’s inspired by what a halfling did for a home village in a D&D game many years ago.