Buying Wises?

A possible errata may be in order. Kintara @ pointed out a really interesting interpretation of this sentence, p222:

[LEFT]Meanwhile, way back in the Character Burner under General Points, it says this:[/LEFT]

[LEFT]I had thought that you could buy any kind of Wise you wanted with your GPs, that “Whatever-Wise” was the skill from the General List. However, technically speaking, “Wises” as a heading appears outside the General List. This is probably just quibbling, but just in case it isn’t – can you make up Wises with your GPs or are you restricted to Wises that appear in the Lifepaths?[/LEFT]


Yes, you can purchase them. Your interpretation is correct.

Hmm, shucks. :wink:

Seriously, that makes perfect sense. It’s not as though a custom wise would be prone to abuse, unless some smart aleck tried to pass off Whatever-Wise itself (or something like it) as a legit option.

I have a vague memory of brainstorming disgusting, abusable Wises here once upon a time. My favorite was “Vaylen Conspiracy-Wise”. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, GM! :smiley:

I was thinking I’d have to do some big PDF-search of all the -wise appearances just so I’d know what was available.