BW newbie, PTGS question (not enough room)

Hello! Registered on the forums just to ask this question as I could not find an answer, and all links to the PTGS calculator are currently broken. Sorry if this is a dumb question…

Rolling my character for a Burning Wheel campaign and I have a Power of B2 and a Forte of B3. That means my Mortal Wound should be B8. My superficial wound is B2.

I am supposed to then distribute my four other wounds in increments of 2 (half of my 3 Forte rounded up). However, there is not enough space between a superficial wound of B2 and my Mortal Wound of B8 to do this.

What did I do wrong? Am missing something, or is it mathematically impossible to fill in my remaining wounds?

What should my PTGS look like for this character?

I don’t have my copy of the rules with me, but I think that you space them up to 2 spaces apart, until you can’t, at which point you bunch them up. This would give you a superficial of b2, light b4, midi b5, severe b6, traumatic b7 and mortal b8.

That said, I strongly recommend against having any stat be at 2 or less, unless you intend for the character to be physically or mentally handicapped.

With those numbers you would get a superficial wound of B2
a light wound of B4
a midi wound of B5
a severe wound of B6
a traumatic wound of B7
and a mortal wound of B8

You start with your superficial, and end with your mortal. You have a maximum of 1/2 of your Forte attribute, (rounded up) in between each wound category. Traumatic is normally one point below Mortal, and Severe is a point below Traumatic.
That only left a three point spread in between your Superficial and Severe wounds.
You apply the two points to the Light, and the remaining one to your Midi.

How did you distribute the rest of your characters physical attribute points? These seem problematic to me as even an eleven year old human gets 13 physical attribute points, so far you’ve used 5, leaving 7 to distribute between Agility and Speed, it might be better for you to balance those out a bit.
(Power 2 is the equivalent of a decrepit old man, while a Forte of 3 is passable, most characters will have a Forte of B4 (the basis of the mortal wound and recovery rules)

Thanks guys! I didn’t realize you space up to two apart. I’m working from the Character Burner worksheet and it didn’t mention that. I really appreciate the clarification.

I realize the character is very physically weak and without going into details, it’s appropriate to the character. I have zero expectations about survivability, just going to see how it goes. I do appreciate the head’s-up though.

Thanks again! This is helpful.

A Mortal Wound of B8 means you could actually just drop dead in a fight. The midi of B5 with a stat at B2, though, means all it takes is a a pretty average hit to drop your character. Or any two B4 hits. This is someone who could be incapacitated by a friendly punch in the shoulder.

Seems about right. The character is diminutive, only 20 inches tall. (My GM is using some original material, maybe I should have mentioned that first.)

I do appreciate the advice and for the extreme fragility of the character to be pointed out. Yeah, I realize this is not a character that wants to see any kind of physical combat, and is likely to drop if someone sneezes too hard. I’ll be playing the character with that in mind, for sure. Thank you guys for making sure I was fully aware of that fact.

Have fun!

Here’s a temporary link for the PTGS calculator:

You may also grab the actual file here and save it to your computer:

Note it doesn’t handle tiny stature.