BWG Editable Character Sheet

Hey guys – I made a BWG Character Sheet that is editable and saveable in Acrobat. It does some nifty calculations for you, too, for Circles, Hesitation, MW, etc.

The complicated calculations (i.e. for stat advancement) were blatantly stolen from Rob’s sheet because I used Beginner’s Luck on Java. I hope he doesn’t mind.

Anyway. Enjoy and let me know if you find any bugs.

Here’s the MediaFire link:

P.S. I emailed it to ravilar to include in the wiki downloads page.

Beautiful! Thanks :slight_smile:

You are a god among men.

Note that you’ll have to manually round up MW for Dwarves, and for some reason it doesn’t always “stick.” I also might fiddle around with the font sizes… Hm.

Also, it looks like there is an errata on the sheet. Using a deeds artha, it advises, allows you to reroll “a” failed dice. In fact, it allows you to reroll all failed dice.

It would be really nice if it autofigured wound levels.

Arise, dead thread!

Any possibility of updating the math so that it’s shade-sensitive? I just did up a bunch of characters with gray-shaded stuff and had to hand-update elements like Steel, beginner’s luck, etc.

Hm. That’d be awesome, but unfortunately I mostly stole the math from a previous edited sheet. The Java math language is mostly beyond my ken. :-\

Well, no big. It saved my life for BWCon prep!