BWG Fillable Character Sheet

So I’ve been lurking for a while, bought BWG on preorder, and felt inspired by John’s and Leonides’ character sheets to make my own. This is just a bare bones sheet, so I’d like to adopt John’s idea of separate Sorcery and Advancement sheets in the future.

In the meantime, I’d appreciate suggestions and criticism.

Download Character Sheet

Very nifty, Hann. I wonder if you could somehow make the “Gear” section a little bigger, but I have a feeling that would be difficult. I would also love to see “Spite” added to Emotional Attributes. I love those dark elves!

A few things I noticed:

Relationships do not have a die value.

Ranged weapons need a place for their DoF values.

Otherwise it looks nice and I am eager to see the finally product

I have updated the sheet as per your suggestions. Thanks!

It looks great, thanks! I think I might use it for some of my regular NPC’s. It’s very handy to have it all on one sheet.