BWG GM Reference Supplements

I made these for you guys.

The BWG (unofficial) Reference Supplements

1. The Game Master Reference Booklet
This 20-page booklet has all the most important information you need to GM a game of Burning Wheel, carefully organized in a concise package that is both easy and a pleasure to reference mid-session. Made to be printed double-sided on five pieces of A4, and folded and stapled into a booklet just like the players’ character sheets. Features the same fonts as other BW game aids, to ensure all your printed supplements look great together. This project took a long time to complete, was a real work of love, and this file is the one I most recommend.
Download: LINK

2. The Game Master Reference File, Clipboard Edition
Features most of the same information as the GM Reference Booklet, except formatted for portrait printing on A4, and featuring an extra deep top margin to fit into a clipboard (or stapled at the corner, or whatever). Missing a couple of the less important pages from the above booklet, but instead has a bonus page with the Range Readjustment chart for Range and Cover (most likely unnecessary, but included all the same).
Download: LINK

3. The Player Quicksheet
Made to be printed double-sided on a single piece of A4, perhaps laminated, and tossed in the center of your table, this sheet is made to be a quick-reference on the four things players need to consult the most often: how to use / get Artha, the two advancement charts, and important rules exceptions such as which rolls are open-ended and whatnot. Also features “FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE” printed in large bold letters on each side, to serve as a constant reminder to the players of what this game is all about.
Download: LINK

Enjoy. ^^

More Information

Some of you may remember that I started work on this project well over a year ago in a previous thread. (New thread posted so as not to necromance.) It was originally intended as a 5-panel GM screen, like something you’d use in a game of D&D. I was almost finished, but then I didn’t release the final product.

Why not?

Because, I play-tested it, and it sucked. The pages excelled as quick-reference material, of course. But as a GM screen, it failed miserably. It was a 5-panel monster – it used 7 A4-sized panels, actually; the side two had to be folded in to access all the information. This beast cut the entire game table in half. Kind of went against the Burning Wheel philosophy of GM transparency, and was just too cumbersome for use.

So, I forgot about it, and then recently revived the project as a booklet that is much nicer to use. I hope you can make good use of it! The clipboard file is the remnant of the GM screen project – do with it what you may.

Oh yeah, and I redrew the wheel image myself. Kept the same style as the wheel in the original GM Screen though, cuz I liked it so much.

A Note to Luke Crane & Co.:

The vast majority of the information in this GM booklet was all stuff taken from the revised version GM screen, only updated to the Gold edition rules. Other information is from various free supplements that have been released in the past.

I have included a couple things from the BWG book that have not been published elsewhere. They are:

[ul][li]The stats for simplified NPCs (from Burning Rogues, pp 562-64)
[/li][li]The basic idea about the Die of Fate (pp 559-61)
[/li][li]A few mechanics related to successful / failed Circles tests (pg 382)
[/li][li]Clumsy weight penalties for armor (pp 478-82)
[/li][li]Tax for Sorcery ( pp 504-505)
[/li][li]Balance Dice for weapons (pg 470)[/ul]
If any of this included information is stuff you’d rather I not put in the GM reference booklet, just let me know and I’ll edit it out. I hope everything is OK!

And thanks for the great game. :slight_smile:

Hrmm… How do I upload to the wiki?

I plan on using these at our next game. Thanks for this. Hope BWHQ is cool with it.

There’s just one problem with these, Dean.

I’m going to have to print them all out and laminate them, just like I did with your earlier version :slight_smile:

Fantastic stuff, have a Deeds point.

Great stuff Dean! Super practical.

Thanks! And no laminating necessary – the booklet is the perfect size to tuck right inside your BWG book. :slight_smile:

Um, hey, anybody know how to upload to the wiki? I can’t figure it out. Thanks!

Hi Dean, let me see what’s going on… gimme a sec.
Ok, make sure you’re logged in, there should be an ‘Upload File’ link on the left side towards the bottom of the navigation links under the heading Toolbox. Use that, upload the file, then link to the file from a wiki page. I’ve already uploaded the GM reference book here:

If Upload File isn’t appearing, it’s a permissions issue and I’ll have to take a look at that later.

Hi Dean,

Assuming your wiki name is the same as your forum name (Dean), I’ve granted you upload privs to the wiki. Enjoy!

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NEVERMIND! I read back on the first page where Cathexis explained exactly how to do what I just asked. Sorry! Late and sleepy.

OK, it’s up. I posted the files on the wiki under Downloads --> Supplements and Addenda.

Want to thank you. These files are fantastic and the look like they will make running Burning wheel so much easier. I am sure I can say that we all appreciate it.

Kick ass, man! Thanks.


Oh, and if anybody is wondering why there are huge margins when you print it out: this document was meant to be printed on “borderless A4”. Some printers add extra margin space. Be careful of that. Also, you’ll probably have to print out the pages one by one, and replace them face-up in the feeder tray to get the booklet to print double-sided properly.

Super useful stuff! Thanks!