BWG PvE Con scenarios?

I can see The Sword or The Gift going over great at a con…with certain people.

Other times, I could see adventures marked with that PvP tag avoided like a plague.

Anyone have great 1 shots that don’t necessarily avoid interparty conflict, taste more “traditional RPGish” for BWG

Trouble in Hochen features the familiar scenario of disparate individuals coming together to investigate strange happenings, but I can’t find a PDF version. (I thought it was available outside of the Adventure Burner, though).

I have seen a summary of the adventure but not the adventure

Thelon’s Rift is also a PVE scenario.

I have it on good authority that book is obsolete and won’t be reprinted so that doesn’t help.

While I’d love to nab a copy of the Adventure burner, and use that…doesn’t appear to be in the cards for me at the prices I have seen ($125!)

Any other PvE out there?

You could also take the sample characters from Trouble in Hochen, and write up a quick scenario for them to go to town on.

Dinner for One and Your Day in Court, the second and third parts of the Verdorben trilogy after Trouble in Hochen, are both available for download on the wiki.

Both can make excellent standalone scenarios. Dinner for One is survival horror with a bit of mystery. Your Day in Court is political intrigue with the characters in way over their heads.