BWG Table Sheet ~ A Character Sheet Supplement

I made this to supplement a regular character sheet. Print it out, fold along the grey lines. Fill out your BITs, prop up on your playing surface, and share your character with everyone at the table. Includes a penalty/Artha/advancement cheat-sheet, to keep your game running smooth.

Idea shamelessly stolen from the awesome Diaspora character sheet.

Please let me know how this prints out for you. My printer is having issues; it won’t print borderless, and for some reason it wants to put a green cast on everything. Eesh. I can fix it up later, if there are problems.

Link to the download site:

Edit: And yeah, I’ve already noticed a few niggling little mistakes already. Nothing serious, just font stuff. Will fix it up later.

~ Dean

I approve!

You rock.

If it’s too much trouble, feel free to ignore this - but could you also make a version without the Artha section? My groups use poker chips to track that so the space would be a bit wasted. I’m not sure what else would fill it usefully though…


So nice, but I don’t really figure how to use it.

Many thanks!!

Thank you.

Not wasted space! Colour-code the Artha circles, and use it as an Artha cheat sheet, rather than a tracker.

I should probably mention that inspiration was also drawn from the DitV and Afraid character sheets. Don’t want those guys from Diaspora claiming all the credit.

Also, has anybody tried a print yet? Is it coming out greenish for you too? Are you able to print borderless?

I made it primarily for groups with larger numbers of players. Hard to keep track of all those beliefs! This should make things easier for the GM, and also serve as a reminder to the players to keep the story moving towards others’ Beliefs, as well as their own.

Ohh, good idea! Sometimes my newer players have to ask which kind is which and be reminded of what they do - great use!

Scissors are your friends.

Or just fold it under, if you prefer.