BWHQ Policy on online game aids?

Good morning everybody, I have a question for Luke and generally the BWHQ. What is your policy about virtual tabletop environments, as Roll20 or FG?

I think I might try to develope, over the course of a year or more, a BWG extension for FG using MoreCoreRPG, but I’d do that only if complying with your plans and policy, since I want to support your game, not to steal buyers.

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I can’t speak for BWHQ, but I don’t think that VTT support “steals buyers” in any way.

I mean that sometimes from modules for VTT you can desume rules and handbook information.

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I’ll let @luke chime in with the official stance, but generally fan use stuff is welcomed if it’s not just repackaging or copying the main text. I believe there’s already a Roll20 plugin for BW, too.

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