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I’m really not sure where to categorize this post, but as I’ve been trying to set up a Torchbearer game on Roll20 with my not particularly sizzling tech know-how I thought it might make sense to have a thread with a catch all of links/resources/explanations/files for setting this up for ALL BWHQ games. I posted a query on the Torchbearer Discord, but then realized a friend wants me to run Burning Wheel for him this summer also (oof, don’t feel qualified to do that). So then got thinking how the heck I’d set that up too.

So let me start by offering the help of @Ericvulgaris - who was kind of enough to send me a link he made explaining how to import icons. I just started rewatching his Keep on the Borderlands series and figured he could explain it and possibly also share his cool little light and grind tracking icons. I really appreciate that he did just that and made a cool video explaining how to set them up.

Anyway, for me in the near future, my biggest priority is sorting out conflict and conditions cards if anyone has any help to offer. Equipment would be great, but isn’t quite as critical perhaps.

If anyone has any resources for ANY BWHQ games to be set up on Roll20, maybe share them here. If that doesn’t make sense, maybe splitting this up by game and pinning them or something? It feels like a fair amount of games are remote anymore, particularly in the pandemic, so I’m hoping this will stimulate some mutual aid and remove some barriers and stress for all of us.


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I should have another video done shortly that will go over this conflict and status/conditions.

To do cards, all you gotta do in roll20 is create a custom deck with the cards you want in it. In the video that’s processing, I go over how to do that with an example.

You can make your statuses like the candles and grind – rollable tables work great for this, regular tokens/images also work, but this video will also show you how to use Roll20’s custom token status markers for handling conditions.

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Here’s Eric’s new post with some conflict cards and status tokens:

Brilliant! I’m running a couple of Torchbearer convention games at a virtual convention in August.

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