BWisms in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit

Let’s talk about the myriad Burning Wheelisms in PJ’s Hobbit!

Let’s try not to talk about the quality of the film!

I saw:
Elven Grief tests galore
A Failed Greed test
Greed tapped for serious bonus dice
The Song of Burning Bright
Dwarven Plate
Elven Chain

What else? Did Azog/Bolg convincingly evince Orc Hatred?

Azog may have demonstrated hatred. The scene in which

spoilerish alert: avert your eyes

he is able to break through the ice could be considered hatred “poured” into that effort. He also runs around in all of the 3 movies trying to get revenge for his lost arm and such. He’s also sort of like a head taker (I think) (taste for dwarven flesh?) and definately has flights of murderous fancy (think thats what its called). Too lazy to get the book right now.

End of spoiler

I can’t belive I just said I was to lazy to get the burning wheel book. heresy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Higher level orcs have more scars and deformities. Both Azog and Bolg sport serious signs of old wounds.

Oh, nice one!

Kili could’ve failed I Greed test over Tauriel’s beauty.


Bilbo earned Deeds for stealing away the Arkenstone in order to make peace between everyone. That came in handy during the resulting battle.

Thorin rolled a successful Circles test when he summoned his cousin for aid.

Honestly, the best part of the movie was thinking of it in terms of a BW game.

Tauriel sang a skill song to heal Fili.

Bard obviously spent some persona or maybe even a deeds on his bow (arblest?) test to slay Smaug.

Dain failed his Circles roll to have Thorin enter the battle scene RIGHT NOW.

Thorin failed his coarse persausion (FoRKing intimitation) to have the company reveal the thief of the Arkenstone.

Legolas cheated in nearly every scene he was in.

With aplomb. Cheatin’ elves.

Bilbo’s Belief he adopted at the end of Film 1 to “Help the Dwarves reclaim their home, as they have none” was accomplished, but didn’t work out exactly as intended. In fact, he had this Belief challenged, and worked to accomplish it by working against Thorin’s wishes…

Thorin calling out Bilbo’s Burglar trait, which he didn’t start the game with, and the Dwarves helped award.

Thranduil (as the GM) suggesting a new Belief for Legolas (go look for this Aragorn chap, I hear he’s going to be important in the next plot arc).

Nah, Legolas just has grey reflexes, bow and sword skills.

Cheatin’ elvses.