Call-on`s & inhuman skills in Maneuver checks


It may be a stupid question, but the only person who will take fallout for this is me :wink: Can i use call-on`s or inhuman skill in Maneuver checks?

Thanks for answers (and i hope that there will be no pain).

Call-ons: I think so.
Inhuman Skill: I don’t think tech is allowed to make maneuver rolls for you. As I recall, there’s no way to have Inhuman Skill in something, you have to make the tech and have the tech make the roll for you.

I’m just making those answers up, though. Someone else will be by with page numbers, I’m sure, but I don’t have my books.

Page 431 confirms this. Technology Dice may not be used in Maneuver Rolls.

I have no confirmation regarding Call-Ons or Die Traits. Page 247 suggests that they do apply, but it is is not explicit.

Traits yes. Call-ons only if they haven’t been used in the session. Inhuman skill (for Vaylen) also applies.

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

And another question.

Shouldn’t Call-Ons be “refreshed” after either end of maneuver or session (whichever is longer) ?

I’m asking, because sometimes (well, often) our maneuvers takes longer than one session (one player with “always late” trait), and GM’s FoNs are walking-talking-Call-Ons-death-machines, and the only way to beat them is through prayer and sheer dumb luck.

Page 247. End of session.

And you should really do a maneuver per session. If you want to talk more about that, start a new thread.

Call-ons for maneuver rolls? Hell yeah! I gotta go shopping through the trait list and get me some of that.