Calogero Mission (Sadie + Conrad)

Sorry if this has been asked before but I can’t seem to find it.

Has anyone written up Sadie’s mission to Calogero as a sample mission?

To me it would be a good starter for a two player game, although you wouldn’t have to use Sadie (could Recruit a player generated mouse instead).



I don’t think it has been formally written up like the sample missions in the back of the book but there are numerous samples with this mission being used as a sample throughout the roleplaying book. The biggest indicator of this is the Goal on the sample character, Sadie. If it was more formal I would say it would look like this:
Season: Spring
Weather: Clear and Calm to start with a Weather Watcher being an option at the start.
Mission: Gwendolyn sits you down (for a solo adventure or your Patrol for a team) in her map room. She tells you that there has been no contact with the Mouse Guard’s contact in Calogero and I need you to locate him.
Write Goals (if its Solo then the person has to have something to do with the Mission in their goal so all of these suggested goals do). Some suggested Goals:
“Track down the missing contact and discover why he has not been checking in.”
“Locate the missing contact and intelligence reports.”
“Find the missing contact and escort him safely to Lockhaven.”

The first obstacle I would choose would be making a route to the guard post, a Pathfinder Ob 5 (A short journey +2, overgrown or washed out +3). I would probably do this as an independant rather than versus test as you are trying to find the Guard Post but you could argue Scout Ob 5 as your trying to find the contact also (the guard post is big +1, location is known +1 and left last year +3).
On a success, I would play out the scene with them walking into the guard post and looking around and finding the unopened guard’s reports but before they can go any further there’s a sharp hook at their throat and a voice telling them to speak or die. After they say something the voice immediately relaxes.
On a failure, I would put a condition in place like, Your journey is a long one and you think you’re almost there so you don’t stop to forage and you push yourself to get to Calgero but it is further then you remember and are made Hungry by the trip. The large guard post finally appears and you make your way inside (then do the rest of success).
If they identify themselves as a Guard Mouse then the contact talks to them and tells them about his suspected spies, etc. If they don’t talk, the second obstacle I would have would be the contact attacking him/her as a Conflict with the contact’s goal being, “Stop this spy and destroy the guard reports.”

If they do talk then I would have the contact tell them as much as possible about the situation before the guard house goes dark, the windows are being blocked by the crabs. I would then have the contact tell them how dangerous these crabs are, especially in these numbers (I would say 5). I would run this as a Chase (preferred) or Fight Animal conflict for the Mouse Guard and the contact to escape with the goal of the crabs be, “Capture and eat a tasty meal.” With the crabs Nature of 6 plus 4 helping dice every round (if their is 5) then this is going to be a difficult Chase for a single mouse If the crabs win with no comprimise then they will undoubtedly get the contact as a meal. If the player wins and there is comprimise I would say that the contact fell behind and you were seperated and his fate uncertain or a minor comprimise would be an injury or whatever feels natural for how the Chase or Fight goes.
The mission was to locate the contact and find out why communication had stopped so after this I would end the GM turn and see what the player does.
Hope this helps. Good luck.

Thanks, that’s a pretty good place to start!

Potentially better as a patrol than a solo mission I suspect.



I think it can go smooth either way but if they want a Fight conflict instead of a Chase with the crabs I would definitely reduce the number in a Solo Mission and don’t forget that the contact would provide helping die every round (and on the Disposition Roll) but wouldn’t choose one of the actions in the conflict.
I do think you’re right though if this was a Solo it is unlikely they would earn a whole lot of checks during the GM turn as the crabs would be a tough fight and the Pathfinder Ob 5 is a doozy with only one Mouse and so your GM and Player’s Turns probably wouldn’t be as long as normal although there would probably be a twist with the Pathfinder and so instead of doing a Condition you could do a twist and that would add to the possibility of earning more checks.

Good luck though, sounds fun.