Camp Follower

You followed at the back of an army, when there were still such things as armies. You were a civilian though, no fighting for you, but you cooked the grub and you’ve seen enough to make anyone’s hair turn white. Your mom was a fortune teller, she said. Your dad, you’re not so sure, another follower, some soldier? After a fight, it was in your interest to help out your wounded, so you did.

Skills: Scavenger, Cook, Healer
Traits: Scarred (?), Sold your Body but not your Soul

Sold your Body but not your Soul - not evey camp follower was a prostitute. You were. If you are willing to sleep with someone, this will give you +1D (2D?) on your next versus test against them.

Mmmmm, I smell a little Apocalypse World. :smiley: