Camp improvments and other camp questions

I haven’t played yet but am quite eager to GM TB, will probably start with Skogenby.
However, after reading through the rules I still have some open questions,
especially about camps:

The rules state that you may spend checks in the camp phase to improve the camp.
I guess this refers to the Camp Amenities mentioned under the Survivalist skill (p.143).
While I guess I know what the benefits of a ‘water source’ are,
I do wonder whether there are actually any specific rules for shelter and concealment.
Is shelter related to the wilderness minor break?
“The site you pick is sheltered from the wind and weather (+1D to recover from exhausted).” (p. 85)

If the party has established a camp and returns to it later on, do they roll again for camp events?

Since I haven’t played yet, I’m unsure about the game balance, but a reliable water source to return to sounds like it effectively stops the grind.
Is it ok for the party to have a such reliable source of water to return to throughout an adventure
or is it something the GM should try to cut them off from via twists to keep things interesting?

In the Skogenby adventure, since the crypt easily qualifies as undead-infested ruins,
every camp set up inside would be unsafe, correct?
Would you allow the party to set up camp outside of the crypt and return to without a test?


  1. Yes you roll again

  2. Water is really powerful yes. It doesn’t “break” anything though.
    Failed rolls to get a water source also make really good twists…

  3. If they make a map yes. If it is really secure to go in and out they still need to “micro” their way back there. Only quicktravel with a map.

The shelter and concealment notes there are placeholders for some stuff we have in development.

But in the meantime, you should be able to use them narratively in your game. A camp that’s unconcealed doesn’t require a roll to find, for example…

Thanks for the answers :slight_smile: