Camp Twists

It feels as if some Twists while in camp would end up breaking camp. What if a monster finds your camp as part of a Twist? Is camp over? Do you need to spend checks to drive it off (or whatever)? Something else?

Check Disaster Results​ on page 82.

I assume you mean after the party has successfully set up a camp without disaster, and then fails some other test (cooking a meal, repairing armor, or something)? I think a twist from failing a test like that probably could force the party to break camp, but that would be a pretty harsh twist and possibly out of line with the test they were taking. Although used carefully, it could be appropriate.

Perhaps don’t introduce twists of that nature in camp. Your group will rapidly perish if camp consists of combat. If there’s a risk of an encounter during camp, use the Unsafe or Dangerous tables. If you generate a disaster, you know what to do. If you don’t use more subtle twists and conditions to move camp along. Or even save the big one for the last check: “You finish bandaging his wound and hear a thunderous knocking on the door. It seems you have a visitor. Camp phase is over. What do you do?”

I like that. Since Twist effects can be delayed, that’s entirely legit and in the spirit of the rules.