Campaign Worksheets PDF Package

I’ve been working on a series of worksheets/forms to use in documenting my Torchbearer campaign setting and other elements (spells, prayers, monsters, alternate stocks/classes, etc.) In this and the following post are several PDF downloads and a text file tutorial guide which explains how the Regional Travel sheet is intended to work. All the PDFs are form-fillable.

I will use this post to keep the files up to date if I revise these or add more at any point. Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll try to update the OP with answers. If you have requests on changes or alternate sheets, or other sheets, let me know while I’m in the zone.

P.S. I’ve borrowed the Torchbearer logo to stick on the top of each sheet, because I think it looks nice. Please let me know if that’s not okay, and I will fix that immediately and reupload.

Campaign Setting Record Sheet
lizlarsen_torchbearer_campaignworksheets_setting.pdf (657 KB)

Regional Travel Record Sheet
lizlarsen_torchbearer_campaignworksheets_region.pdf (735 KB)

Adventure Site Record Sheet
lizlarsen_torchbearer_campaignworksheets_adventuresite.pdf (822 KB)

Monster Record Sheet
lizlarsen_torchbearer_campaignworksheets_monster.pdf (1.14 MB)

Magic Record Sheet
lizlarsen_torchbearer_campaignworksheets_magic.pdf (1.42 MB)

Character stock & Character Class Record Sheet
lizlarsen_torchbearer_campaignworksheets_stockclass.pdf (1.01 MB)

Town Record Sheet
lizlarsen_torchbearer_campaignworksheets_town.pdf (701 KB)

Using These Sheets Guide
using these sheets.txt (3.8 KB)

A sack of gold to you.

Anyone who wants to give Monster, Stock, Class and Spell design rules/rubrics to go along with these sheets a shot… I’d love to see. :slight_smile: