Can a call-on trait break a tied Duel of Wits?

If both parties in a DOW have their Body of Argument reduced to 0, it’s a tie-- no-one wins.

If someone has a call-on trait (and one use of call-on traits is to break ties) that is related to their main dueling skill (e.g. “Booming Voice” for Oratory or “Charismatic” for Persuasion)-- and they have not use the trait on any individual rolls-- can they use it to ‘win the tie’ for the whole DOW in their favor?

FYI: In our session last night, we decided that the answer was ‘yes, but you still have to give a major/compromise concession’. We were all happy with that, but were curious what the official position was on using call-ons to break ties not just on individual versus tests, but on extended conflicts as a whole.

Personnally, I find this use of a call-on to be pretty powerful, too much for my taste in fact. Usually, extended conflicts like DoW represents moments of play where intents are considered too important to let them be decided by a single test. So, letting a call-on break the tie and give one side its intent is huge.

I think this is something that should be part of a Die trait.

Also, in this particular situation, why was the idea of each side having half its way not a good resolution ?

Official ruling is no. Call-ons are for tied rolls, not tied DoWs.

I might let it slide if two applicable C-O traits were invoked at once. Would have to be by two different characters on the same side though.

Thanks, Luke!

Note that I find it strange that it wasn’t used in the DoW. :slight_smile:

It wasn’t used in the DoW because there were very few failed dice and no tied vs actions in the DoW. Even if it had been used to reroll the failed dice on one of the actions it wouldn’t have likely changed the outcome.