Can a Dwarven smith make "Dwarven mail" ?

Is the making of a Dwarven mail a lost art?

I’ m playing a Dwarwen artificer, and have run into a slight hiccup in the bw gold page 307
I have gray war art skill, and have made a oath to make a Dwarven mail to my benefactor.

But i can’t :slight_smile:

The obsticle to make a Dwarven mail is not written, at least not how to make it, with no penalty.

I can make a gray scale Dwarven mail- but that would acording to the rules have Clumsy weight penalty, see page 478.

So my question is, How to make a Dwarven mail rp 100, with no penalties? or is it a lost art?

And it does annoy me that humans can make a Dwarwen mail with the enchanting rules in the magic burner, Can Dwarves also use same ob to achieve same results??

Technically they have to have some similar abilities, since all the great artifacts are made by Dwarven hands, but there are no rules of how they do it…

In advance thanks for any input :slight_smile:

On page 307, after the obstacles for War Art, there is a further note. You need a Gray skill to create gray shade items. The obstacles are listed in the section above.

Hi Luke

Are you saying that gray items are without penalties, so if I’d like to make a Gray scaled Dwarven made Plate, it would be without clumsy weight penalties?

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That’s what I get for answering too quickly!

Feel free to add obstacle penalties for reducing Clumsy Weight with Riddle of Steel or War Art if you want it incorporated into your game, or if you want to go more for “lost art” require the Enchanting skill “reduce penalties” effect to be cast over the armor. That adds a bit of dimension to the forging process.

Dwarven Mail is also made of Mithril. Maybe the lack of clumsy weight penalties is a property of Mithril.