Can Clerics Self-Target?

As the title: for prayers which say “the cleric lays his hands upon an ally,” or even chanting war songs to encourage his allies, can the cleric choose himself as an ally to affect?


What do you think this is, Dungeon World? :wink:

Well that’s not helpful to someone unfamiliar with Dungeon World. Is that a yes? I vaguely remember something about it being fairly useless for a Paladin to heal themselves in Duneon World… but anyway, I think the answer is yes. The Immortal Lords would be happy to alleviate the cleric’s own conditions, probably more so than that faithless jerk who’s always getting into trouble.

It was just a joke about the general permissiveness of DW and the general fantasy Vietnam tone of Torchbearer.

When I’m running the game, I allow clerics to invoke those prayers upon themselves.

Thanks, Thor. I could see it going either way, to the group’s/GM’s preference, but I think I’ll let the cleric invoke prayers on himself as you do. I don’t want the group dynamics to shift towards “guard the cleric at all times.” (In the right campaign, though, that could be fun! Ravenloft, maybe?)


I think my response came off harsher than intended, add [sarcasm][/sarcasm] tags as appropriate :slight_smile: