Can our cook recover us all from Hungry?


in our patrol we now have a dedicated cook. Can he test Cook Ob3 to let us all recover from hungry?

Also, can i help with Will if someone is angry?
Can i help the health/will test if someone is injured/sick?

Helping someone sleep better does not work but could a patrol leader pay for his whole patrol to let them recover from tired?


You can help on treatment but not recovery. Will post the page reference later.

And, yes, your cook could feed all of you with the right test, or the rich mouse could put everyone up in an inn.

“You may not help another mouse with a Will or Health test for recovery. All mice are on their own for those.” p. 95

Yup. Feeding a Patrol is the 3rd factor of the Cook skill.

As Anthony notes, you can’t help with Will or Health tests for Recovery. However, a Healer can create poultices that act as tools (+1D) for any of those tests (see Healer​ on p. 247).

And yes, you can pay to put everyone up somewhere nice so they can rest.