Can these beliefs and instincts be improved?

Hey there guys,

I haven’t played much BW and right now I’m mainly trying to get my Beliefs and Instincts to really “pop”. Basically, my character is a city-born Wizard of War, “officially” retired from service, but “unofficially” attached to a black-ops unit based around spying on other countries.

The party itself is a mercenary group, sort of a hodge-podge of assholes, mongols, mercenary captains, and a crafter. My current beliefs are:

  1. As a spy, I will find a way to sabotage Enscien in favor of Ascarian interests. (Enscien being the capital of an enemy faction, Ascaria being my home-country)

  2. I suspect there is a conspiracy against my Jorgen; but how can I confirm it?
    (Jorgen is my character’s love interest, and a 10 point relationship I bought. The idea here is for a longer arc of Beliefs. Find out if a conspiracy exists, rewrite the belief to finding out more of the conspiracy and perhaps who heads it, rewriting to hunt down the head man, etc)

  3. Only Ascarians are capable of controlling magic; all others are mere heretics.
    (The idea here being magic is incredibly dangerous, and only my country is capable of training and controlling it to the degree needed, in my character’s mind.)

As far as my instincts go:

  1. I always keep an eye and ear out for things that might interest my brother.
    (Sending trinkets back to family, keeping an ear out for information, etc.)

  2. Given the option, I always kill the elf first.
    (My people are not fond of elves. Period.)

  3. In the event of a failed spell, I am never the man in front.
    (More or less what it says on the tin can. Better to sacrifice a mook than myself.)

Are there any obvious ways that I can improve these or change them up? Thoughts, comments?


  1. Any ideas where to start? Put that in the Belief so you know what your first move is.

  2. Writing a belief as a question like that makes it hard for you to push for it in play and makes it super hard for the GM to challenge it. I’d write something more belief-y. “They conspire against my Jorgen. I will find those responsible and kill them.” Or, even better, “My Enemy conspires against my Jorgen. I will expose him and Kill him.”

  3. Big picture beliefs like this are okay, but they tend not to do much in play. Are you going to do anything about these heretics other than think badly of them?


  1. What things interest your brother?

  2. Never stand in front when spellcasters are around.

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