Can this scene/obstacle be even better?


i think i designed my best obstacle until now.

Josephine has gone missing after nearly getting eaten by a fox she tried to tame. The wolf she tried to tame got loose in the territories and destroyed Spurcetuck. Because of this her former patrol mates Henry and Stuart are now tasked with bringing her in for a trial.

B: Attack every problem heads-on with a charge
I: Reach for my halberd at any sight of trouble

B: We as the guard are tasked with protecting the weak, this is what i will do
I: Force a vote on any decision

B: Violence is the tool of idiots, we have to be better then that and use our brain and wits
I: Allways smell any new thing

First Obstacle will just be to find Josephine and maybe deal with the long time it takes and gather some more supplies on the way.
Not really that important i think. Not every obstacle has to be shattering.
But i am open for other ideas.

Second Obstacle:
A group of 3 Weasels has captured Josephine (still has ALL conditions) and Luwik (a Guardmouse and friend of Stuart).
Henry and Stuart spot them soon enough but it becomes clear that the situation is hairy.
They can try to be sneaky and clever and get one of the mice out of the group but to get both of them they will have to fight the weasels (conflict).
Stuart doesn’t want to use violence but without it he can’t fullfill the mission and save his friend.
Henry want’s to protect the weak (and both of them are right now) so he maybe will try to save both of them but he will force a vote before the plan goes into action.
If Josi starts something herself she has to break free and charge headlong into 3 powerfull weasels. Stuart and Henry may still be in voting mode and not able to help her so fast.

In short i hit each belief, one instinct and one relationship with that scene. Seems pretty strong to me and everyone has to make choices.
It’s also a shorter mission which means not so much time to get checks.
What do you think of my second obstacle? Is there any way to improve it even more and maybe hit a bit more of the BIGs or simmilar stuff?