Can Valyen get pregnant?

Can a Vaylen female get pregnant? And if so, will she produce a normal human child?

Yes, I’m serious. I’m figuring out the last bits of Relationship stuff for our coming game and I’m wondering how far I can push some possibilities.

Well, a Vaylen is human in every way with the addition of the worm, so I don’t see any reason why they would NOT bear human (noninfected) children.



Thanks guys.

Ohh, their victory’s going to be HELL.

Mwa ha ha ha!

Oh, no, you can’t be serious… Yes, you can… oh this is going to rock so hard. :slight_smile: (Playing in EarthenForge’s game)

Note the “Queen” LP in the Human setting for Vaylen.

And with the wonders of IVF (as demonstrated recently by that Californian woman) giving birth to 8 babies at once ripe for hulling is possible…

The Vaylen head of the commune in our current game is a matriarch with a gaggle of creepy creepy children.