Can we have a sub-forum for Inheritance?

It’s been so long that Inheritance came and went while the forum was away. Has anyone managed to play and what happened to those passionate viking families?

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Oh YES! That would be grand.

I’ve only run it twice (so far), as Life keeps speed-bumping me.

However, I’ve got (spoiler-full) write-ups to reshare, along with quotes.

Currently, they’re on G+, but they’re also saved somewhere safe, so I can get my hands back on them.

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I would love to share my spoiler-free experiences running and participating in Inheritance sessions!

Or maybe a “LARP” subforum…

It would be great to have a subforum for Inheritance or LARPs or just a catchall for the other games that BWHQ puts out from time to time.

I still dream about The Gift, myself.

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One more vote for an Inheritance forum! I ran Inheritance at Dreamation 2019 and really enjoyed it. But I’d love to discuss and hear about ideas for using poison, resolving some non-deadly conflicts, facilitator involvement as a player and character choices with less than nine players!

You have my vote.
I’d love to hear more about it as someone who missed the (longship)boat. Any more insight fuels my interest even more.

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