Can you inherit Artha?

So, my character died - killed (voluntarily) by a God to prove him to mean us no well. Off course I’d never got to use the Artha from our two previous sessions. (Time has been scarce lately.)

Can the others “inherit” Artha buy doing a proper burial?

Two of us both think they can, he claims it to be the Brown book, while I’m thinking it’s mentioned in the Magic Burner, though I think maybe there’s something in there about a trait that let’s your new character start with artha (even a deed) if your old dies. Reason stands to think it’s in the Adventure Burner.

The meta-reasons for this rule is obvious, but as one player said: “Someone dying is a great deal!”

There was a Karma option discussed in one of the books somewhere I’m sure, weather the Adbu or elsewhere I don’t recall. You could pass on Artha when doing Deeds that get you killed. I think your next PC get’s the Deeds point. So there is a payoff in metaterms.

Check out the Aura of Martyrdom trait, Rune Caster skill and Doom Sayer spell song.

As a side note, if a PC finds they are burying other PC’s often - may not hurt to grab the “Burial Rights” Trait. Pretty sure that scores you a persona every time you bury another Player Character.

What if you killed them? :evil:

I see nothing in the rules against it. But don’t be surprised to get a target on your back when you start musing out loud about “Really needing another Person before the end of session.”

Thanks! It was an awsome scene, so I voted proposed them for ‘embodiment’. It was sad my hard-earned persona got lost when I let a god kill me. I really should have pushed for that test beforehand - with an advantage of letting me get killed.

Traits are cool. I love traits!