Can you "say yes" to a linked test?

A player wants to make a linked test. It needs to be its own test in full, with an intent and with consequences for failure. Say the player has done everything right, task matches intent and all that, but as a GM it is something you would just “say yes” to normally, perhaps because failure would be uninteresting.

How to proceed? You could sometimes treat is as though it were Help (if linked to another player’s test) or a FoRK (if linked to his own test). But it might be a stat test, particularly a BL test, and then that doesn’t fly.

I know you don’t just make them roll anyway - only rolling when it means something is basically the heart of the system.

So do you just have to sit and think harder until you can make a real test out of it?

If you do “say yes,” do they get success but no bonus die (as though they had hit but not exceeded the Ob) or do they get the bonus die (as though they had exceeded the Ob)?

Also I know I am supposed to start a new thread for an unrelated question, but maybe I can just get a quick answer here. How do Gray reflexes work in Range and Cover in BWG? I have an antagonist with Gray reflexes and I know what to do if there’s a Fight! (kick their overconfident asses) but not in a RaC.

I wouldn’t allow a Say Yes to a Linked Test because there is something at stake. Otherwise, you’re just handing them +1D to the next test for free.

You can absolutely Say Yes. The player gets his intent. However, he does not get the +1D because there was no Linked Test.

  1. “I want to do XYZ”
  2. “Yeah, there’s no challenge in that.”
  3. “I want to do this TEST.”
  4. “Here’s an Advantage die, because having the forethought to do XYZ puts you at an advantage.”

And everyone lived happily ever after.


Right. Saying Yes to a linked test is the same as granting an advantage.