Canberra Australia BWHQ Games Meetup

Admins feel free to move this - I wasnt sure where to put it…

Turns out there are a bunch of us based in Canberra and we thought we would celebrate the new forums with a few beers.

We are meeting this Thursday the 21st of Feb 8pm at the BentSpoke Brewery in Braddon. Most local people seem to know where that is but PM if you need directions and I will do my best to help!


We don’t currently have a meetups/convention category. Fodder for “Polite Inquiries” methinks!

Hope you all have a good time. I won’t be able to make it, sadly.

We will toast a drink in honour of all absent BWHQ and fans!

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An IRL BW game has never looked so plausible. I don’t think I’ve met another BW fan in person before.

I’m excited!

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I’ll be there ! Thanks for organising this :slight_smile:

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Awesome! The Bent Spoke shall maketh the Wheel.

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I assume that’s why you chose that particular pub?

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How could I not bring together the finest things: ales, games, and puns?

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Hope you all had a grand time and are sleeping well.

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Cheers! Still 13 hours of daylight till we beerup and then we toast to the late summer night, old friends, new friends, and the Burning Wheel bright.


I somehow added a day on top of the 16 hour time difference.

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7 burners gathered and discussed the arcane disturbances rippling from the orbit of a burning wheel


I believe they are my elbows and that I’m up to them in BW goodness.

As John said, +1D Affliation achieved.

Next: a one shot BW scenario to introduce our mad roleplaying skills to each other.

Time to brush the cobwebs off those GMing skills.
…does talking shit on the BW Discord count as practice?

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