Canon question: do mice wear backpacks?

The gear rules (you can only what you can fit on your character sheet) don’t really work for an online game with a virtual character sheet. Plus they seem to invite silly games such as tiny writing and big heavy things with short names :wink:

So I’m going to adjudicate on a case-by-case basis but I need to know one thing: can/do mice (in the source material) wear backpacks? Or are they limited to things they can stuff in a cloak pocket or hang from a belt?

Cheers, Vinny

Check out this link from the official comic site:

Lieam is wearing a backpack. Sorted.

All of the Mouse Guard have backpacks. It’s where they stash their pants naturally.

Commando Pete

Thanks! I was wondering about the pants too… :slight_smile:

Heh, if I had a player with a backpack, I know exactly the item to get rid of with a twist…