Cards to make Fight go smoother in Roll20

Crossposted from the BWG Google+ community.

Thinking of how to make Fight go easier in Roll20.

I really don’t want to use cards for scripting, it’s too slow face-to-face and it would be horrific over a VTT.

I’m coming round to the idea of providing cards that will help with the background stuff that goes on - wound penalties, stances, advantage and disadvantage dice to try and provide a quick reminder of some of the mechanical effects that occur during fight.

We’re playing tonight, so I’ll see how things go & either amend cards, ditch the whole idea or come up with something else.

Have I made any glaring errors, or is there anything that can be improved upon?


The reminder cards in Torchbearer are great, so I imagine these would prove useful in the virtual world!

This is a super nit picky thing, so take with a grain of salt.

I might re think the font a bit. The title looks good but the bottom text blends a bit with the background. If you’re looking to speed up play, you don’t want players struggling to read the words. I would stick with a san serif for what to apply the modifier to. Perhaps also tone back the colors. When you have color background white text shows up the best, but black text can be hard to read. I like the numbers being white and the text being black, so I would tone down the colors to make the black more readable.


[bold serif black] fighting at disadvantage[/]
[serif white] +1 ob[/]
[san-serif black] apply to…[/]

All advice gratefully received. Not used the Fight cards yet, and while the cards are clear for the other players I think I shall work on a version 2 to make them clearer.