Carrying multiple weapons

How would this be possible in the game? Say I wanted to make a Warrior with the “right tool for the job” kind of outlook? Different weapons for different situations? Maybe a bow for ranged combat, a sword for normal melee and a hammer for heavily armored opponents. As far as I can see, the only way to carry even two weapons is to physically carry one in the character’s hands. Could you not at least use a torso slot to carry a weapon? Maybe a quiver or a sword strapped to the back? That way he could concievably carry three weapons. One on his back, one in his weapon slot and one in his hands. Just a thought.

Sure, you totally can. Here’s how you do it: Wear a quiver on your torso, which takes up one torso/worn slot, and your bow goes into the quiver with the arrows; put a sword in your weapon slot on your belt; and then carry a two-handed maul around in your hands since that’s where two-handed weapons go, you can even throw a shield on your torso for when you’re using your one-handed sword. Alternatively, here’s an item for you: Harness, Ob 3, torso/worn 1, allows you to sheathe one two-handed weapon on your back.

Hope that helps!

Well, I’m at work, so I don’t have a hard copy of the book or the cards in front of me, but I’m looking at the equipment section of the PDF book and, on the chart, it says a bow is “Carried 2 and belt/weapon.” It doesn’t mention being able to carry it on the torso. Now, I am all for being able to do just that. It only makes sense to me. But what I’m seeing doesn’t read that way. However, I do like your harness idea. Makes sense to me. It simply turns a torso slot into a weapon slot. I personally don’t see anything wrong with that. Thanks for the input.

Ask your friend (nicely) to carry your sword for you.

Hire a porter.

You can put the bow in the quiver, read the description of the quiver in the equipment section. No crossbows though, they have to go on your belt.

Crossbows are carried. Crossbow quiver goes on your belt.

I know crossbows are carried and that bows go in the quiver. And thet I could ask a friend to carry a weapon (though most characters are already carrying their own). Never thought about hiring a porter, though. Interesting thought. Thanks, guys.

Ah, I never realized that “and” in the weapon chart for crossbows: Crossbow Ob 4 hand/carried 2 and belt/weapon. Never bothered reading the actual crossbow description either, I guess.

Lots of good advice here. You can get creative stowing your gear using Describe to Live. The GM may not buy it though. I’ve seen dwarves hammer piles of gold coins into rings and necklaces…

The harness is an interesting idea. You wouldn’t be able to draw that weapon without removing the harness though (without being hella awkward)!


Stockpile your gear at the dungeon entrance with a hired merc or two to guard it and come back for it when needed.

Interesting video. But in defense of ninjas, they didn’t carry katanas. they, indeed, would be too long to draw from the back. but the ninjato, the sword of shinobi, is much shorter and likely easier to draw in such a way. Can’t swear to it. Never tried it. But seems so.

Anyway, I was more thinking along the lines of the old Beastmaster movie. He carried a two handed scimitar strapped to his back, just draped from shoulder across to waist. Whenever he took drew it, he simply took off the whole harness, drew the sword and dropped the scabbard. But thanks for all the input.

Funnily, in Anime, back sheaths are common. But you can clearly see that the swords being drawn wouldn’t actually fit in their respective sheaths.