"Carrying" Positioning Dice in Range and Cover

Overall I like what’s been done with this in Gold, but the whole thing about when to carry positioning dice over from volley to volley is really confusing, especially since the example text appears to directly contradict the rules text.

The rules under “Closing Maneuvers” on page 413 say that you can’t carry dice forward when you do these, but in the example with the Orc and Elf, it seems that’s just what the Orc does after winning the Sneak In maneuver. Help?

I’ll have to look at the book later this week (won’t have the chance to tonight), but in general favor the main text over any examples.

Well, I was kind of scratching my head at the main text about when it was and wasn’t ok to carry dice and what the difference between that and “fortifying your position” was… so I was hoping the example would clarify, but it didn’t. So now the forums get to. :slight_smile:

Not many others have the books yet!

I haven’t read the new RnC chapter yet, either, and most of the rest of BWHQ are on their way to GenCon today.

I read the RnC chapter the other day and I love the new rules, but I haven’t digested it fully enough to offer any solid advice.

My (very general) understanding is that you only get to hold on to dice when you’re holding. Any other maneuver necessitates moving from behind any sort of cover you may have had.

Here’s how it worked in BWR:

  • you could sink up to 2s from a positioning test into “your position”
  • as long as you maintained, you got those dice as bonus dice to positioning
  • if you closed or withdrew, you got the dice for that test, but did not carry them to your new position (but could sink a new 1-2s again)

When I get a chance I’ll read BWG’s chapter and see what changed.

Ah, ok. I never actually used RnC in game, which is probably most of my confusion. I think the only major difference here is that now your second bullet point is only true if you hold your position.

Yep just read the chapter. Page 409 has the “master” rule here.

I’m still waiting for my book, but this sounds like the way it is handled in BE.

OK, so here’s how I read it:

When you win a positioning test, you can allocate successes over the obstacle (usually your opponent’s dice roll) to attacking/aiming, etc. One of the things you can allocate successes to is “position.” You can allocate up to two dice into “position.” These dice will always grant you 2 bonus dice in the next positioning test. If the next positioning test is a “hold position,” you get to carry those bonus dice over. That is the ONLY time you carry dice over. Normally they work for the next test and then disappear.

So if my elf choose to Close and wins with 3 successes over my opponent, I may Aim, Shoot, and take up a Position. That bonus position die is then used for the next volly, where I chose to Maintain my optimal range. Because I chose something that wasn’t “hold position” those bonus dice only got used that one time.

It all makes sense to me within the context too. If you win positioning, that means you have a few extra seconds to perform some actions because you successfully ducked out of sight/flanked around/etc. If you spend that time to get behind a tree trunk which offers really good cover, you now have a good bonus as long as you don’t move. Every action except “hold position” involves maneuvering, so that’s the only way you keep the bonus dice from the tree trunk. Just staying behind that tree allows you a better chance to have more time to perform more actions (positioning bonus), AND you always get a free shot because you are not busy moving.