Cartographer's Companion Restock?

I just picked up the core books and lore master’s books for 2e. I know the Dungeoneer’s Guide mentions those three plus two others, Middarmark and the Cartographer’s Companion. The physical copy of the Cartographer’s Companion is conspicuously missing from the store. Is that planned to be back in stock at some point, or was it a limited run and I should try to pick it up from a reseller on eBay?

Thanks in advance. Beautiful books you’ve made. I’m a sucker for gilt edges and ribbon bookmarks.

The CC hard cover is a limited item. The current print run is the only one we’ll do and we have precious few of them remaining. My plan is to bring some to Gen Con and gauge the reaction there. I will most likely release some on our store after that.

Or maybe I’ll offer some as part of SSS 22!


Thanks for confirming, I guess I’ll have to see which of my friends are going to gencon

Mr Ducky, are you in the continental US? I have a second copy of the CC hardcover, and I’m willing to send it to you gratis. Let me know, and I’ll put it in the mail.


I am in the Continental US. This is extremely generous, thank you. I’d still like to at least pay the MSRP and shipping for this though. I will send you a message.


I appreciate that, but please don’t worry about it. Someone did something unexpected for me earlier this week that I can’t really properly pay back to them. If you feel like you must pay MSRP+shipping, take that equivalent and buy a small treat for your partner or wife or kid or a beer or pizza for a buddy or donate it to a charity. I’m just happy to find the book a home.


Thank you very much. I will be sure to pay your generosity forward.


This has to be one of the greatest communities in all of gaming.


I am honestly blown away by it.

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Book came in, super excited to dive in!


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