Casting Spells in Town

Once you rest in town, your spells are refreshed. However, while in town, you may only cast each of your spells or prayers once…

So our magican, Mandrake was visiting Hallbreck - his home town and was wondering if this limitation is from ALL his known spells (in his library in his master’s tower)? Just the ones in his travelling spellbook? Just what he has memorized for the town ‘phase’ (which may include multiples of the same spell)?

What about scrolls? Once he has learned a spell and transcribed the scroll into his ‘big’ spellbook, can he then copy a version into his travelling spellbook and then cast it in this town phase? I understand that learning a spell from a scroll is a Loremaster test, but does it cost Lifestyle factors to do so?

When you have access to your library, you may create new traveling spell books if you have purchased empty traveling spell books (see the Master Item List) or swap out the spells in your existing traveling spell books. Each spell in the spell list includes an obstacle for scribing that spell into a traveling spell book. When scribing multiple spells at once, the base obstacle is equal to the highest obstacle spell, +1 Ob for each additional spell. You may also use scrolls of known spells to swap out spells in your traveling spell book.

Does this test effect your lifestyle factors?

Thanks for your help everyone!

Good question!
It should really read that you can only run through your mental spell inventory once.

If you want to pen a scroll in town, that counts toward your other business and increases lifestyle.
Casting from a scroll is permissible and doesn’t eat up lifestyle.

Oh Cool. That’s good to know! Thanks Luke :slight_smile: