Casting Time with Instincts

A couple of 2e spell casting questions:

1) Does any help to a spell/invocation increase the casting time?

When two or more arcanists work together to cast a spell, the time required to cast the spell increases by one turn.

The rules say arcanist with arcanist and ritualist with ritualist, but if someone (even the other arcanist) were to help with lore master does that also increase the time?

Is it any different if the help comes in the form of an instinct?

Is it the act of help that makes it take longer or is it specifically restricted to two spell casters/invokers using those specific skills to help?

2) Can an instinct to “help” with a spell/invocation remove the increase to casting time?

Instincts allow your character to take a free action when they’re triggered.

When you trigger your instinct, you get a free roll to accomplish it. This instinct roll does not advance the grind.

Hilda wants to help Tim cast Thread of Friendship with an instinct. Can Hilda the Arcanist have an instinct to “always help with Tim’s enchantments” to skirt around the increase in casting time?

Can an instinct shorten the spell casting time since the grind is not advancing for the arcanist + arcanist penalty?

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I think the rules are clear in this case and that you’re asking for me to write in an exception. :slight_smile:

Twas just a straight up question.

There was some confusion in the community-at-large is all. Some were doing math and adding or subtracting turns.

I’ve always ruled an instinct does not advance the grind. And, if an arcanist provides any help, the time is increased.


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