So here I am, already a pretty big fan of Celanawe, a tiny bit familiar with the tough-as-nails fellow. I am aware that he is a very old mouse, and also that he is an incredibly -strong- old mouse.

I don’t know his exact age, but doing a bit of math he’s easily over 70. And he can out-march and outfight Saxon and Kenzie combined. Now, with my Mouse Guard RPG book here, My attention is drawn to two particular images: The first is Celanawe knocking a Weasel onto his arse and going at him with a great sword, and the other his him with his Axe facing down an army of Weasels. Very emotive and awe-inspiring pictures that just add to the mystique of this one mouse.

Now couple that awe with an overdose of Terry Pratchett, and you have me doing a really quick, rough sketch of a possible reason for why Celanawe simply refuses to die.

I think Death is scared of him.

Hah! That’s awesome!

I love Celanawe. That oldfur is so hardcore. I can’t wait for the Black Axe prequel.

Great work as per the usual Spear! Love it!