Chaining Gifts for flow efficiency.

Wrocka has met with KillKenny of the McBreakers MRCZ because KillKenny has a pair of shoulder pads to gift him. All the Members of the McBreakers are there.

KillKenny says he has an idea of how to gift Wrocka in a manner that’s better for his MRCZ and Wrocka is intrigued so allows it.

KillKenny gifts the shoulder pads to MacTavish.
MacTavish gifts the shoulder pads to Ness.
Ness gifts the shoulder pads to Dumfries.
Dumfries gifts the shoulder pads to Wrocka.

Wrocka nods and smiles when he realises why doing this was better for them.

“You cannot gift items to users within your own MRCZ. It’s like giving a present to yourself. A nice gesture, but not worth any flow. And you can only receive the flow boost from a gift once, no matter how many times you give it away.”

Also: no regifting. So lame!

What if McTavish and Dumfries were instead in a different MRCZ?

Try it.

Money is a sign of poverty.

Is there a way to turn doing this into a challenge? Incorporate the gifting secretly into a dance routine with ephemera? Maybe get the character’s shaping the final recipient into accepting something needlessly convoluted?

What’s this got to do with money Stormsweeper? I’m not seeing it.

Definitely could be a shaping challenge! Freemers don’t often accept random gifts, as they often contain nasty surprises (like flood/bleeding or switching tech).

But if this is something your players want to do, let them! There’s plenty of fun and drama to be had in exploring and exploiting the gift culture.

I imagine there are MRCZs that force you accept gifts through intimidation and manipulation, and MRCZs that police gift culture and frownie the fuck out of people who exploit it.

Could be really fun!

It’s sentences like this that make me veeeeeeeeery curious about this game. Really considering picking up one of the copies, if there’s any remaining. My budget is just a wee tad troublesome…

Do it. I will play in that game.