Chains of Fate: Effects

I searched for an answer but couldn’t find one, so I was hoping to get some clarity.

For the Chains of Fate miracle, if a cleric successfully captures an entire enemy party (say, a group of 5 goblins) and has them held for 1 turn… How vulnerable are the captives?

Could the adventuring party simply kill the captured victims with zero recourse? Aside from calling for help, it doesn’t seem like the captured victims can fight back in any meaningful way. (although there is the blow to morale for killing helpless victims, as well as the lack of earning passes/fails for fighter skills)

This seems exceptionally powerful, is the downside simply the difficulty of the successfully casting the miracle? (even a pesky group of 5 goblins can resist with a whopping 7 dice, meaning most clerics are practically required to use persona to pull this off).

Thanks in advance for any insight!

Anyone targeted by the prayer can’t perform any action that requires use of their hands or free movement. They’ve been trussed up by invisible chains.

The party can murder their helpless captives if that’s what they want to do.

It is very powerful, but even with Persona, hitting Ob 7 is not a trivial thing. Also, by level 4 when clerics get access to Chains of Fate, goblins are likely to be among the lesser foes they face.

Typically, what Ive seen in play is groups using it to lock down one or two high-threat targets to keep them out of a conflict.


Thanks, Thor!

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