challenge sequence in tie and bugs

(samwise) #1

let’s say someone call on tie,
everyone gets bugs, clear cards and draw new initial cards.

  1. can I use bug to buy now another card additional to those two?
  2. can I use bug I just received?

This is called on tie again.

  1. Do we both get bugs for hazards again? other variants?
  2. Can we use just received bugs in tie breaker?

thank you!

(jessecoombs) #2
  1. It’s just another initial draw, so I don’t see why you wouldn’t.
  2. Also why not? Having to remember which bugs you JUST GOT and which bugs you already had adds a not-fun level of additional bookkeeping and the game has enough of that. :slight_smile:

Here I’m assuming that you’re talking about the “sudden death” draw…
3) I don’t believe any one gets a bug chip for the single draw in this case, as the deck is treated more like a die roll, determining the whole conflict, and not specific actions from which the characters “learn” or “recalibrate from”.
4) Spending a bug lets the user/superuser draw two cards instead of one during sudden-death.

Let me know if I’m wrong…

(samwise) #3

Because of this and they are one sided, so should be easy to keep count or just place cards and cash out at the end.

Yes, sudden death draw.
Losers compensation bugs as learning - good idea.

If both sides get bugs before sudden death, there will be a lot of immediate bug investing again.
Maybe designers wasn’t planning to implement such a fast “bug metabolism”.